Helen Joanne Pearce Companies and Aliases

This is the fifth in what turned into a series of articles. Here is the fourth and here is the next.

I’m going to use this post to keep an up-to-date list of the company names, aliases, and addresses Helen and Matt are using.

If you have been doing business with any one of these people or businesses, they are all Helen Joanne Pearce operating under a different name. If you do a Google search for any of these, you’ll mostly find the blog articles and online comments that Helen herself has created to make it appear that her company is legit.

Just for reference, in 2014 the address on Helen’s drivers license was 52 Riley Rd #231, Kissimmee, FL, which is a UPS Store. I wouldn’t normally publish a person’s home address here, but this is not her home address.

Company Aliases Connections
KACW Investments, Inc. (2004-06)

Originally 2855 SE 50th St, Ocala, FL (single-family home)

Changed to 12472 Lake Underhill Rd #143, Orlando, FL (UPS Store) in 2005

Registered to Helen J Pearce and Matthew E Pearce

Online comments: Helen Joanne Pearce

Obvious. Court documents in 2006 mention Joanne Pearce at KACW Investments, 3854 SW 168 Circle, Ocala, FL (mobile home)
Way Home Investments, Inc. (2005-06)

Originally 967 Lilac Trace Ln, Orlando, FL (single family home; see this YouTube video)

Changed in 2006 to 1969 S. Alafaya Tr #125, Orlando, FL 32828 (UPS Store)

Registered to Matthew E Pearce and Helen Pearce Obvious.
In Faith Properties, Inc. (2007)

1969 S. Alafaya Tr #125, Orlando, FL (UPS Store)

Registered to Matthew E Pearce and Helen J Pearce Obvious. 2007 court case names “Matt and Helen (Joanne) Pearce”. Another names “Helen J. Pearce” at this same address.
Dun and King Investments (2008)

1926 N. John Young Pkwy #128, Kissimmee, FL (Convenience store? with mailboxes)

Registered to Neleha K. Dun, Tracy L. King, Morgan P. Jones, Katy B. Dery.

Online comments mention sending checks to Joanne Pearce.

“Neleha” is (a)Helen backwards. Neleha’s website biography says she has a law degree from Oklahoma City University and to have attended the University of Central Oklahoma. Helen’s Facebook profile says she went to Oklahoma University, and Matt’s says he went to Oklahoma State. Matt and Helen are both from Oklahoma. I haven’t tried hard to locate her “partners” in this company, but note she has a very close relative with the same first name and middle initial as one of them.
Jubilee Property Ventures (2009)

2224 W Columbia Ave #109, Kissimmee, FL (FedEx/Western Union)

Registered to Jules Scott and Novak Leeann (suspect it shoud be Leeann Novak)

Online comments: Joanne Helen Pearce

2009 court case names Jules Scott and Joanne Helen Pearce.
Mary Jones Projects LLC (2010-11)

14900 E Orange Lake Blvd #348, Kissimmee FL (PakMail store)

Registered to Mary Jones and Julie Bell

Online comments: Helen Joanne Pearce whose husband is Matthew

Website FAQ as quoted in online comments is virtually identical to Flat Stone Capital; uses same awkward grammar to describe Mary Jones’ qualifications as Flat Stone Capital uses to describe JJ Pierce.
JEP Genesis LLC (2010-11)52 Riley Rd #231, Kissimmee, FL (UPS Store) Owners are Joanne and Eric Pearce

Online comments: Joanne Pearce says Eric is an “investor”

Same address as on Helen’s Florida driver’s license. 2009 court case names Joanne Pearce at this address.
Redfield Holdings LLC (2012-14)

3050 Dyer Blvd #185, Kissimmee, FL (UPS Store)


Owner JJ Pearce Website at the time was virtually identical to Flat Stone Capital LLC website. FSC Endeavors LLC website registered to Eric Pearce using redfieldholdings@ in email address. Helen Pearce admitted in sworn documents to Osceola County Court that she is Ferin Caffrey (owner of FSC Endeavors LLC).
Flat Stone Capital LLC (2013-14)

52 Riley Rd #172, Kissimmee, FL (UPS Store)


Owner JJ Pierce Helen Pearce admitted in a sworn statement to the Osceola County Court that she is JJ Pierce of Flat Stone Capital LLC.
FS Capital LLC (2014)

14900 E Orange Lake Blvd, Kissimmee, FL (PakMail store)


Owner Faith Stuart Website at the time was virtually identical to Flat Stone Capital LLC website.
RF Holdings, FL Corp (2014-15)

503 E Jackson St, Tampa, FL 33602 (UPS Store)


Owner Rose Hill Victims on Zillow describe similar experiences.
RFH, FL, Inc. (2014-15)701 S Howard Ave, Tampa, FL (UPS Store)


Owner Reagan Fields Reagan Fields tells victims she has taken owners of this website to court; can only be Helen Joanne Pearce.

Phone (813) 423-1876

FSC Endeavors LLC (2014-15)

221 N Hogan St, Jacksonville, FL (UPS Store)


Owner Ferin Caffrey

Website domain name registered to Eric Pearce with redfieldholdings@ in email address.

Victims mention Ferin Carrey and Erin Cafferty

Helen Pearce admitted in a sworn statement to the Osceola County Court that she is Ferin Caffrey of FSC Endeavors LLC and FSCE Homes. Website FAQ, contracts virtually identical to Flat Stone Capital LLC.
River Financial Horizons LLC (registered as River F Horizons LLC) (2014-15)

369 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

Karen River Website FAQ, contracts virtually identical to Flat Stone Capital LLC
FSCE Homes (2015)

Not a registered LLC in Florida

Ferin Caffrey, Ferin Carrey, Erin Cafferty Helen Pearce admitted in a sworn statement to the Osceola County Court that she is Ferin Caffrey.
Tabitha’s House and Pack Fund (2015)

Not registered in Florida

Helen Peace, Matt Pear, Matt Peace Helen and Matt changed their names on Facebook, but they are the same Facebook accounts as before. Operating a GoFundMe project and a Facebook page Luke 6:30, ostensibly to raise funds for a homeless shelter and to hand out necessities to the homeless in Orlando. Location of “homeless” photos.
At this point, Helen began advertising website design and search engine optimization (SEO) services along with real estate investing. I’m not making any claims about her website design and SEO services; they may be entirely legit. My only comment as a person who has done Internet marketing for twenty years is that generally, anyone who tells you they can get your legitimate company listed on the first page of Google using organic means (i.e. not paid placement) is pulling your leg.
Ezra FL LLC (7/1/2015)

7862 W. Irlo Bronson Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34747 (UPS Store)

Jo Ezra, Mary Jo Ezra, Eric Pearce Same rent-to-own scam as before. Also operating a website design and SEO company called Ezra Agency using the same Jo Ezra alias. Videos produced by Ezra Agency feature Helen: Jo Ezra Intro, SEO Alachua FL, Liposuction Altamonte Springs, Interior Design Alachua FL. Website: www.ezrainc.com Phone: 407-288-7782.
Amazon Invest Inc (11/3/2015)

13790 Bridgewater Crossing Blvd., Windermere, FL 34786

There is a shared office and meeting space at this address that offers mailboxes. I have confirmed she does not have a relationship with that company.

Not incorporated in Florida

Jennifer Henderson Same rent-to-own scam and website design company as before. Clients pictured on home page at www.amazoninvestinc.com are stock images. Phone: (321) 402-7732.
Pruaz Properties, Inc (12/14/2015)

​​101 S Main St, Wichita KS 67202 or 110 S Main St.

101 S Main St is an invalid address according to USPS. It appears on her website and, along with 110 S Main St, in the Kansas Secretary of State’s corporation database. 110 S Main is an office building.

Pruaz Properties was incorporated in Kansas on 11/5/2015.

Amanda Gibson Same rent-to-own scam as before. www.pruazproperties.com is registered at GoDaddy using Domains by Proxy. Phone: (316) 200-1629 is a cellular phone.
Home Run Capital, LLC (1/26/16)

​​201 S. College Street, Charlotte, NC 28211

Address is an office building with suites available to lease.

Amy Davis, Annie Pearce Same rent-to-own scam as before. homeruncapllc.com is registered at GoDaddy using Domains by Proxy. Phone: (980) 226-0955 is a cellular phone.

Not registered in Florida or North Carolina. North Carolina requires foreign companies (companies from out of state) to register to do business in the state. It does not appear that Home Run Capital is registered to do business in NC.

Testimonials claim they’ve been in business since at least April 2015, but the domain was not registered until November 15, 2015.

Seek Easy Online Marketing (2009? 2013? 2016? Found 12/30/17)
Phone 1-800-553-9734
Annie Pearce
Annie Tate-Pearce
Registered 5/20/16 using Domains by Proxy to hide her identity. LinkedIn profile claims she has been working there since March 2009 or March 2013 but the domain wasn’t registered until 2016. Claims a Marketing degree from the University of Central Florida from 2007. Her recommendations on LinkedIn come in clumps all on the same day and all from people claiming to be in her industry, not from customers. The “Easy Seek” company LinkedIn page here claims it started in 2007 and that the company (?) has a degree from UCF in English Literature from 2012.

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