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Nice to hear from you. I hope PocketBible works out for you. If you have any trouble, contact us at

Comment on QuickVerse/Parsons Technology History by Marjorie Wed, 25 May 2022 18:35:57 +0000 Oh, what fun, reading this history! It took me right back to my old programming days and my first couple of computers–happy times, those were! I had QuickVerse (don’t remember which version) and was using it to research a book I was writing, a novelized (is that a word?) version of the Genesis account of the lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I was getting on pretty well with it, when suddenly life intervened, the small software company I worked for went belly-up, and my next employer lasted six months and then they went belly-up, too, and I was a poor student with three part-time jobs that together paid just enough to cover my tuition and books at community college. Luckily I had a very understanding mom who supported me while I trained for a career shift to teaching computer-aided design. So while I scrambled to get back to financial freedom, the book got shelved, as did the Parsons software. Now, more than thirty years later, I’m retired from teaching and about to commence work on that book again–but no more QuickVerse??? Thank heaven I found this article and got pointed to Laridian! My inner author is back in her comfort zone. Thanks a million.

Comment on “…your business partner said you’re dead.” by Dale L Durnell Mon, 17 Jan 2022 18:47:52 +0000 Craig, you’re a master at this!! I got more than a single chuckle out of this today.
Blessings friend
P.S. I’m sorry to hear of your demise – I would have (at least) sent flowers had I known

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QuickVerse 2 came out 30 years ago. I haven’t worked at Parsons Technology for 23 years. I don’t recall the precise number and contents of the individual 3.5″ or 5.25″ floppy disks on which the program shipped by mail in the days before the Web.

Comment on QuickVerse/Parsons Technology History by LAW KAI CHUEN Fri, 12 Nov 2021 06:03:14 +0000 Just wondering if QuickVerse 2.0, by 3.5″ floppy, requires just 1 single blue 3.5″ floppy for installation + KJV by three 3.5″ floppy disks……would be adequate to install a usable QV2 program.

Comment on QuickVerse/Parsons Technology History by Craig Tue, 10 Aug 2021 13:05:15 +0000 In reply to Dr Lionel Hartley.

You’re definitely one of the last Bible Illustrator users. 🙂 I always thought the basic functionality would be useful for a number of other things but we never got around to implementing any of them. FYI, Bible Illustrator suffers from a universal bug among software of its era that will cause it to fail or act in unexpected ways for dates beyond either 2036 or 2038 (don’t remember which). So just keep that in mind going forward. 🙂

Comment on QuickVerse/Parsons Technology History by Dr Lionel Hartley Tue, 10 Aug 2021 04:27:09 +0000 Craig, I have been using Bible Illustrator and QuickVerse for many years now. I started with the DOS version of QuickVerse and the Windows version of Bible Illustrator. I have been so impressed with these two products I have kept an older computer (now running Win XP, upgraded from Win95) and use it every day for sermon preparation and personal bible study. I remember in the DOS days trying a database program and after laboriously typing in 10,000 entries from 3×5″ filecards it crashed very time I tried to type in entry 10,001. Not so with my Bible Illustrator program which has proved itself so reliable I use it to store copies of my sermons (Although I rarely use a sermon more than once, I have been preaching for over 60 years). Bible Illustrator also safely stores and easily accesses over 80,000 illustrations, plus my wife’s cooking recipes. I have also used Bible Illustrator to store a medical dictionary and multi-language glossaries. I want to say thank you for such a reliable product that has enhanced my ministry and helped me to grow personally. — Dr Lionel Hartley, Australia.

Comment on QuickVerse/Parsons Technology History by Craig Thu, 08 Jul 2021 19:55:53 +0000 In reply to KC.

We don’t actively support the old Windows CE devices. None of our more recently released books and Bibles would work there, and you’ll need a PC connected to your Win CE device to install the few that do. You’ll have to contact tech support to get access to the app itself. They’ll end up asking me how to do it because nobody there was here when we did Windows CE. And I don’t remember anything about it. But yeah, we might be able to get you going assuming you’re very Windows CE savvy. 🙂

Comment on QuickVerse/Parsons Technology History by KC Thu, 08 Jul 2021 19:44:09 +0000 In reply to Craig.


Just visited and I find “PocketBible” software…

Knowing that those HP 300LX series, which use 2 AA batteries as well, with Windows CE 1.0 / 2.0 installed, then if the PocketBible software for Windows CE is available with support, then it’s cool.

Comment on QuickVerse/Parsons Technology History by Craig Thu, 08 Jul 2021 18:32:37 +0000 In reply to KC.

I don’t recall any CD versions of QuickVerse for DOS, but I could be wrong.

I doubt there is any Hebrew or Greek Bible for QuickVerse for DOS. There is Greek for QV/Windows but I suspect it is for QV5 and might require at least Win98.

If I were you I would be looking for an old DOS version of the Online Bible.

If you can find an old, old version of QV/Windows, perhaps pre-3, it stands a chance of running in 2MB RAM under Win 3.1.

You’re well past the limit of my memory and knowledge. I would be strongly looking at low-powered, current devices instead of 25-30 year-old obsolete hardware that will only run 25-30 year-old obsolete software. I would rather schlep a couple marine batteries and solar panel charger into the wilderness to power my up-to-date laptop than fight some ancient, unsupported hardware/software with no support from the Internet. And frankly, I would rather pack water purification equipment, antibiotics, toilet paper, and a paper Bible than any of the previously mentioned items. 🙂