Fact: Verizon iPhone GPS is Grossly Inaccurate

Verizon and Apple deny there are any problems with the GPS in the Verizon iPhone. I can demonstrate this is not the case.

Today I ran a route that MapMyRun.com says is 5.06 miles.

Here is the route as recorded by RunKeeper on my AT&T iPhone 3GS: AT&T iPhone says 4.93 miles.

Here is the route as recorded by RunKeeper on my Verizon iPhone 4: Verizon iPhone says 6.3 miles.

The Verizon iPhone does a better job if you turn off its cellular data connection and WiFi. However, with cellular data turned off, I can’t use RunKeeper’s feature of reporting my position live on their website as I run, nor can I send or receive text messages. The AT&T iPhone does equally well regardless of whether its data connection and/or WiFi is turned on.

I’ve talked to the people at RunMeter and RunKeeper and had them analyze the data. It appears that Verizon favors using location data gleaned from cell towers and private WiFi access points. What you’ll notice with the Verizon map is that it appears that I run up to every cell phone tower and building that has a WiFi access point, when in fact I’m running straight down the street or trail.

Verizon denies there is a problem. I’ve talked to their tech support on at least three occasions and they have escalated the problem, but nobody has ever called back. Apple asked for supporting data but never replied after I sent it.

The proof is in: Your Verizon iPhone does not know where you are. It ignores location data from 24 geosynchronous, military-grade, high-tech satellites and favors rough triangulation based on your drunken neighbor’s badly configured wireless access point.

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